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        Custom PVC Coated Banner

        about YULI

        Premium quality since 2005

        Zhejiang Yuli New Material Co, Ltd, one of the national high-tech enterprises, was established at the end of 2005. We are specialized in producing PVC Tarpaulin, PVC Projection Screen Fabric, Window Curtain fabric, Flex Banner, Mesh and so on. Our company has a multimedia application material series, sunshade material series, industrial fabric series, digital printing material series right now."Yuli" brand is a famous brand in Jiaxing City. Our company has 20 advanced PVC calendering lines, laminated lines&knife coated lines, and a complete set of inspection instruments. Zhejiang Yuli New Material Co, Ltd is leading Wholesale PVC Coated Banner Manufacturers and PVC Coated Banner Factory. Now the company has over 320 staff which includes more than 80 professional researchers, most of them senior engineers. The annual output of our company is more than 800 million RMB. Our company has won the national high-tech enterprise, good behavior enterprise of"AAA" standardization, level 3 enterprise of production safety standardization, no pollution produce enterprise, AA credit enterprise and Standard of innovative enterprise in Zhejiang province, one of the first authorized companies to use the Zhejiang regional brand which named "Maqiao Warp Knitting". Our company not only emphasis on scientific management and technical innovation but also improve the product quality and variety of diversification. We persist in improving our management system which ensures standardization of production and quality stability of our products.
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        • Zhejiang Province AA-level 4 "observe contracts and value credit" publicized enterprise
        • Haining City Enterprise Excellent - Third Prize in OC Group Activity Achievements Selection
        • 2021 Quality Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Enterprise
        • 2021 Largest Financial Contribution Award


        Industry Knowledge About PVC Coated Banner

        How has the use of PVC coated banners revolutionized the advertising industry?

        1. Enhanced Durability: PVC coated banners are known for their exceptional durability. The PVC coating provides a protective layer that makes them resistant to harsh weather conditions, including rain, wind, and sunlight. This durability ensures that banners remain vibrant and readable, even when displayed outdoors for extended periods. As a result, businesses can rely on PVC coated banners for long-term advertising campaigns, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

        2. Versatile Applications: PVC coated banners offer versatility in terms of size, shape, and design options. They can be customized to fit various advertising spaces, whether it's a small storefront or a large billboard. Businesses can create eye-catching banners with vibrant colors, attractive graphics, and clear text, effectively capturing the attention of potential customers. The flexibility of PVC coated banners allows advertisers to explore creative possibilities and deliver impactful messages.

        3. Cost-Effective Advertising: Compared to other advertising mediums like television or radio, PVC coated banners offer a cost-effective solution for businesses, especially those with limited budgets. They are relatively affordable to produce and can reach a wide audience when strategically placed in high-traffic areas. PVC coated banners provide a high return on investment, making them an attractive option for both small businesses and large corporations.

        4. Easy Installation and Portability: PVC coated banners are lightweight and easy to install, making them convenient for businesses to set up and move around as needed. With various installation options such as grommets, ropes, or poles, banners can be quickly hung on walls, fences, or stands. This flexibility enables businesses to adapt their advertising campaigns to different locations and events, maximizing their brand exposure.

        5. Eco-Friendly Initiatives: The advertising industry has increasingly embraced sustainable practices, and PVC coated banners have played a part in this shift. Manufacturers are developing eco-friendly versions of PVC coatings, reducing the environmental impact associated with traditional PVC materials. Additionally, PVC coated banners can be recycled and reused, contributing to waste reduction efforts.

        6. Targeted Marketing Opportunities: PVC coated banners allow businesses to target specific demographics or geographic areas effectively. With their customizable nature, advertisers can tailor messages and designs to appeal to a particular target audience. Whether it's promoting a local event or targeting a niche market segment, PVC coated banners offer an excellent platform for focused marketing campaigns.

        What are the environmental considerations associated with the use of PVC coated banners in the advertising industry?

        1. PVC Production: Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), the primary component of PVC coated banners, is derived from non-renewable fossil fuels. The manufacturing process of PVC involves the release of toxic chemicals, such as dioxins and phthalates, which are harmful to human health and the environment. Efforts have been made by manufacturers to reduce the use of hazardous chemicals in PVC production, but it remains an area of concern.

        2. Disposal and Landfill Impact: PVC coated banners, like other PVC products, pose challenges when it comes to disposal. When banners reach the end of their useful life, improper disposal can result in them being sent to landfills. PVC is not biodegradable, meaning it can persist in landfills for hundreds of years, contributing to environmental pollution. The disposal of PVC banners through incineration can release toxic gases and contribute to air pollution.

        3. Recycling and Waste Management: While PVC coated banners can be recycled, the process is often complex and not widely available. The presence of other materials, such as grommets, ropes, or poles, attached to the banners can complicate the recycling process. The lack of standardized recycling practices and infrastructure for PVC coated banners poses a challenge for effective waste management and recycling efforts.

        4. Environmental Footprint: The production and transportation of PVC coated banners require energy and resources, resulting in carbon emissions and a significant environmental footprint. The extraction of fossil fuels, the manufacturing process of PVC, and the transportation of banners contribute to greenhouse gas emissions and the depletion of natural resources.

        5. Sustainable Alternatives: Recognizing the environmental concerns associated with PVC coated banners, the advertising industry is exploring sustainable alternatives. Some companies are opting for eco-friendly materials such as recycled polyester or polyethylene-based fabrics for their banners. These materials offer improved biodegradability and a reduced environmental impact compared to PVC. Additionally, advancements in digital advertising technologies provide alternative solutions that minimize the use of physical banners altogether.

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